Lights & Sights

Hey! My amazing photographer friend, Jared of Jared Wade Photography let me borrow a lens. Just so you know how professional of a photographer I am, it has two turny knobs where my old lens only has one. Hah! No, but for real. At 18mm-70mm, it has a wider range. Here’s the product of a few hours familiarizing. It’s incredible! There’s the view inside my house from outside the kitchen window, the wispy bright curtains in the living room and Jared on the deck.

kitchen window curtains JARED

Being excited to take pictures sometimes makes you go where you wouldn’t have. That particular evening, it somehow got me to pull over when I saw a FREE TODAY sign at the Woodland Park Zoo. They’ve had their lights up for a couple weeks now and from the street there’s this mellow glow. And you can’t beat free, right? Turns out only the parking was free. That’s it. Didn’t stop me from getting some quick pics before my fingers were so cold they burned. The entryway changed colors and I love the way those old growth branches hang low in the light.

haunted branch 1 haunted branch 2 haunted branch 3 haunted branch4 WHAT KIND OF PLANT IS THIS? WOODLAND PARK ARCHWAY WOODLAND PARK

Then, I literally ran back to the car. That’s how cold it was. Too cold.

We’ve yet to decorate for the holidays, have you?!




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