2014 You Better Work

Happy New Year, party people! We’re celebrating with friends, despite being a bit under the weather. 2013 had its ups and downs, but it was still my best year yet. I started off with no resolutions, just life to live. Here are a few highlights:

We got to Meet: Jeri in January.

Meet: Jeri

For Valentine’s Day, I made my Honeybee a special box card.


In March, I got busy, staining my antiquish dresser and vamping out my nightstand.

all done!

April brought on yummy sisig and tilapia, but the most exciting was my article being published.

I made garlands and my Love Wins photo backdrop.


There wasn’t a single blog post here in June because I was off getting hitched!

Teaser Wedding Photo

Shrimp pasta makes its bloggy debut in July. So good!

August brought on some serious questions about health which I sought to ask and answer in a miniseries Routine Maintenance. We also got to hang out in a lighthouse!


Fall encouraged me to begin thinking about style posts in September. And the big news was debuting my Etsy shop Wrays of Sunshine Press!


For once in my adult I life I came up with a badass Halloween costume and executed it well. Sunshine as Lana Kane.


In November we visited the Hendrix Memorial and I made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner all by me onsies!


And December was just marvelous. I posted my first style post, featuring layers. We learned a little about relief printmaking in black and white. And best of all we got to Meet: Iris.


I’m so thankful to have a place to share all the awesomeness that is life. In 2014 you can expect much, much more of the same. More recipes, more people to meet, more photography, more fashion, more goals, more art and more Sunshine.

Happy New Year!



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