Bedroom To Do List

I put together a board of my favorite bedroom accoutrements. I’m committed to making our space better fit our needs and aesthetic this year. I look forward to designing more interiors so why not start with my own?! Cause I’m my own worst client. 
Bedroom: My Side
Beginning at the bottom, you’ll see a sweet floral, mostly red, but also yellow, blue, green and grey [read: wild] rug. This’ll pair well with a lot of the neutrals we have elsewhere. Honeybee gifted me a very similar one for Christmas and I’m blown away by it. Every time one of us walks on it we sigh deeply and say, “oh, rug. Mm.” On the longest wall is our bed which I hate. It’s a horrible slatted mess that isn’t comfortable and slips out of place all the time. Like twice a night we have to get up and push the mattress toward the wall. Who wants to live that way? Not I. So, this summer I’m building a bed. I’d like it to have the upholstered look, but for the cover to also be removable and washable. And the bed itself to have storage. Is that asking too much of a bed?
I saw two hanging lights like these in a thrift store I will not name. [Sorry, this lady’s got her secrets.] I think I can build something similar, cheaper. I need to find a dresser that is lower than the one I have. I can barely see myself and I have to lean over it above my waist. I know, short people problems, but if it’s one I can solve it’ll make getting ready for the day that much more enjoyable. I want it to be truer grey than the periwinkle one I have now. It’ll match the rug better and hold more clothes.
As for the main lighting, we have a boob light. Honeybee loves it. Why? Because he likes boobs. Although he’d prefer it were part of a set. Hah! I’m thinking of having my way with this thing, though. I just don’t know quite what a like yet.
The wall my current dresser is on has two shelves higher up on the wall on the other side and then semi-random furniture below. This is where our DVDs are stored so we need a solution that will allow for the ever-growing collection. I’m loving these industrial pipes, but even something built with standards might do the trick. The main idea is we need to continue the shelves from top to bottom and make it look more purposeful. There’s a box built-in to our wall that cannot be moved, but we can cut the shelf around it and make this space more functional.
About the nightstand, I love the vamped out one I made last year, but it was only ever a temporary measure. It was a hand-me-down and it doesn’t really fit. Luckily I found a replacement today. It’s got some stickers on it and needs to be refinished, but I’ve got the tools.
This is really only half the room, but the other half needs more thought. Coming soon in part 2!
Bedroom To Do
1. Refinish Nightstand
2. Find New Dresser
3. Have Glass Cut to Fit Dresser
4. Build Hanging Light fixtures
5. Build Lighted Mirror
6. Build Bed
7. Complete Wall ShelvingBedroom: My Side


Vintage trunk

Home wall decor
$1,110 –

Baroque home decor

Full size bed frame

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