From Here to Walla Walla

Downtown Seattle has so many charms. I love the blue trees residing at Westlake Plaza and for Christmas, Macy’s lit up the corner. It snowed exactly one day, which was awesome.

downtown ferris wheel

We spent Christmas 2013 in Walla Walla visiting with Honeybee’s family and as usual we had an absolute blast. This time, as opposed to our last trip’s white knuckle driving experience, the journey itself was quite marvelous. And we were baffled and befuddled with brilliant view after brilliant friggin view.

landscape mountain pass mountain view tree silhouette frozen forest green old growth in the clouds covered bridge viewpoint

The Wrays and Shays get together at Uncle Ron’s farm. Look at all his awards for horseback riding.

uncle ron's awards uncle ron's grandma jo and brandon Grandma Jo Papa Shawn

It’s not Christmas unless Grandma Jo and Papa Shawn are playing music for us. What I didn’t know was the neighbors across the street have llama. LLAMA!


Everything was frosty as we made our way home. We had to pull over and admire it up close.

Frost Frozen Cattails Vinyard Fields of Wine Frozen Paradise Pocket Fog Rolling Hills

And last but definitely not least, Jared with his camera and monster lens. Did I mention I love taking pictures of photographers with their cameras?

Jared and His Camera

Thanks for letting me share our journey out east. We’re looking forward to much more travel and adventure in 2014! Can’t wait!


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