Style: Rad Plaid

Rad Plaid

One of my [many] resolutions for the New Year is to be more stylish for no particular reason. Sometimes I’m under the impression I’ll be too fancy or too uncomfortable, or that I might look silly somehow—lazy. But I am changing. I don’t even own uncomfortable clothes! That’s why you go through the process of trying things on in the first place, which I do. So, duh. Instead of realizing my stylish potential, I’ve been cozying up in the same old jeggings+top+boots trifecta. But no more! Today’s outfit is all about structure as a means of accentuating sexy curves, general fabulousness and plaid, of course. I found this peplum top at a thrift shop and couldn’t resist. Sorry I didn’t iron it. I really should have.


Other new things of note, no more braids. I wanted to experiment with letting my hair do its natural thang this year and appreciating it. But it was bad—real bad. I got a relaxer. Looks better. This being my second Style post ever, I’m hyper critical about all the details and wanna beat myself up about it. It’s hard! As with any new media, your mind has to adjust to what you can and can’t control. The challenge is fun! Had no idea. With Honeybee behind the camera, and sweet sunshine making a cameo, you really can’t go wrong.

Sunshine Oh Henry

Plaid coat: Joujou, most like this one. Plaid peplum top: Fang, thrifted. Skirt: F21. Boots: Franco Sarto. Flower clip: gifted by Bethany.

Hope your day is fashionably sweet!




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