A Very Adult Birthday

I’m turning 28 on Saturday, woohoo! These are the things my heart is aching for. I’m looking forward to tea time with fancy tea towels. Building a wall unit of shelving. Painting is always a must. And for the evening, a little black dress with these sexy Ampersand heels from Seychelles plus cocktails with friends. What can I say? I’m easy to please.A Very Adult Birthday

Little black dress

Kitchen linen

Porcelain tea cup


2 thoughts on “A Very Adult Birthday

  1. Hi, I want to start a blog with wordpress (weekly vegan menu plans and recipes and possibly other thoughts but mostly menu plans and recipes) but when i go to signup page i can do everything but the final “create blog” button does nothing and appears to be grayed out. read the terms of service and details but there appears to be no “i agree” button to click which would make it possible to complete the signup. so not sure what is causing the registration to not complete. the “support” tab appears to be nothing but info on how to search help topics and connect to the community for support. i guess expecting contact options to talk to real people working for wordpress is too much to ask for a free service (they sell ads on the free blogs, hello, ok whatever) and im not ready to pay for the service when its free but since you seem to have been able to do a nice blog with it i thought i would use the same platform. do you have any suggestions on how to get the registration to go through or were you able to find a real “contact us” email? thank you –



    • Yay! I’m so excited you’re starting a yummy vegan blog! Can’t wait to read it. My favorite inspiration for food photography/recipe blogging is a little lady named Shutterbean and there’s also A Beautiful Mess. First I wanna say that wordpress has its ups and downs, and, actually I’ve been thinking about *possibly* moving to a new platform and/or upgrading. It takes a ton of time to do that, though, so it’ll be a while before I actually decide, but I have had overall success with plain old WordPress. Bear in mind there’s a difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. I went through the process all over again to make sure I could get through to where you were. I noticed that the tiny text beside things changes depending on what you put into the Blog Address. There’s tiny text on the bottom that says the name I picked was taken, but whatever.com was available if I wanted to upgrade. So I changed the blog address to whateverelse.wordpress.com(free) and then it was available. There’s a blue box below that says Great! Yada yada upgrade for $18 or there’s tiny print that says No thanks, I’ll use the free address. Then I noticed my username was taken so I changed that and now the Create Blog button at the bottom is available to click now. Let me know if that helps, love!

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