My Monday

This weekend is marvelous! Notice I said is there instead of was because I took the day off. I’m still in it, man! Clearly I’m easily excitable, but, you know. Little victories. Seattle had some teasing weather going on the last couple days. We’d wake up in the morning to birds singing and sunshine then, twenty minutes later and for the rest of the day we were pelted with big, fat raindrops. Not Seattle’s usual misty rain, this was someone else’s weather. Very weird! But the best part was that we had  no place we had to go.


For Valentine’s Day I made Honeybee a cookie cake. It was a giant white chocolate, peanut butter chip and almond cookie-cake and it was heart-shaped! Why am I telling you this instead of showing you a picture? I didn’t take one for whatever reason. Whoops, but it was cute. And now there’s none left, which is a good sign. Honeybee made me dinner and we fell asleep watching Princess Bride. Score. It was a big deal to wake up Saturday without alarm clocks and no hurry to go anywhere. I received lovely flowers from my sweetie. He also made me a Funfetti cake. Can you believe he’s lived 36 years on this planet without ever making a cake? Or frosting a cake?! He did these things for the first time for me and I feel so incredibly special about it. He also took me to Home Depot for pricy, but awesome supplies for a new project.

Bug Out Bag

My dad sent me a military grade bug-out bag complete with two MREs (meal-ready-to-eat for you non-army brats out there), a sleeping bag and a microfiber blanket! I can’t wait to go camping with it! Oh, remember the amazing Explosion Card my mom made me last year?

Baby Bri Explosion Card

I know. Take a minute to recover from that Sunshine cuteness. This year’s was even better. It’s an easel card with a drawer! (Forgive my cell phone shots. I was reorganizing my photos in Bridge and lost a bunch of new pictures. Sad panda.)



And as if the day couldn’t get any better, we had a lovely mini-jam with Scott, Jeff and Jared plus Garret and Bethany! And Bethany brought her famous mint chocolate Kahlua Cream cupcakes. They were so damn good! We went to the Rickshaw for karaoke. You know B and I had to get some Tits on the Radio action. It was strange, though. Ever since the place burned down, the Rickshaw is suddenly clean and the crowd was mostly subdued. I’m used to there being lots of crazies! I missed that. Thanks to all who came and shared the day with me. I had a ball, y’all. And the best part is I’m off all day today and I get to do all sorts of the things I love. Sketches and paintings! Yay!

Alright, I’m off to get my hands dirty. See ya!


Sunshine, 28

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