Radio Silence

Meanwhile in Seattle

Besides the fact that we’ve once again reached that part of the semester wherein I fall prey to the too-busys and the too-tireds, I’ve been all over the place here lately. I think it has to do with the weather. The general consensus on Seattle seems to be that it rains all the time and it’s depressing, which is not necessarily true. I’ve always found the dichotomy of the dark and bright seasons so inspiring. When the sun sets over the Gas Works Park in Seattle summer, it’s true perfection–the kind where you spend all your time planning picnics and bike rides and camping trips. There’s every kind of activity from surfing and rowing to climbing and repelling, but there’s just one catch. You have to get alllllllll your work done in the rainy season to appreciate it. And it’s perfect because you want to stay indoors whittling away at something in the winter time. So all that adds up to a Sunshine in an almost manic state of creativity. Ideas pour out of my brain this time of year and I’ve learned to just make lists of them all and plan for them carefully. So far this year I’ve gone through 3 reporter’s notebooks! Scribbled to the brim! While they can’t all be gold, I’m so excited for upcoming projects! In the meantime, though, doing all the brainstorming, writing, painting, printing and proofing, photographing, editing and posting all on my own means that sometimes it takes a while. But it’s coming!

In the upcoming weeks expect:

  • A yummy new cocktail called the Slinky Drinky
  • A Meet: interview with the amazing Miss Lauren
  • Honeybee’s incredibly hearty and delicious cashew curry recipe
  • Cleaning skulls
  • Building shelves with standards
  • New etchings and prints
  • DIY printed napkins
  • The conquering of a major Life List Goal

How’ve you been lately, darlings? Busy or in a daze or both?




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