Shelved Enthusiasm

Fair warning, folks. This post is going to be ugly. Why? Because no situation is improved without there first being something to fix. See, we’ve got these shelves. There’s nothing wrong with them, per se, except…

Shelf Unit

See what I mean. While they’re functional and very sturdy these shelves look cluttered and don’t even do the whole job of storing our stuff. I’m working hard this year to make our perplexingly both awesome and shitty space more us so this situation must be addressed. Here’s the problem problems.

  • The main water line from the street to our house is on this wall. Of our bedroom. That’s the weird box in the middle with the Garudas sticker on it. It’s awkward not only because its functionally out of place in a bedroom setting, but also because it isn’t even a little bit level. Either that or the wall itself is crooked, which isn’t altogether unheard of in turn of the century Victorian houses. Either way, whatever we do to the shelves must accommodate this box because, for safety, we must always have easy access to it.
  • Hideous IKEA dvd storage thingies have got to go. I just don’t like em. What can I say? And because they sit on the crooked floor they make the box and shelves look extra double cattywampus. There’s a word you don’t see every day. That’s how ugly the are. Thesaurically.
  • That other shelf shoved in the corner does most of the work holding our extremely large collection of movies. It’s gonna go live somewhere it can be more useful and the shelves, I think, should extend to the end of the wall. They’re, like, floating in this shelfish purgatory.
  • Those awesome pull-out shelves I painted last summer are great, except I can’t reach them without standing on something. They’ve got to be situated on a lower level and rather than having only three widely spaced shelves, I’m thinking we need more.

Matt statue

Still, there’s great potential here. Shelves built with standards are easily adjustable so we should be able to make it all happen.

Honeybee vacuums Hanging Shelf Standards

Can’t wait to see some progress in this space and, of course, share it with you lovelies. What projects are you working on these days? Share in the comments!




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