So Sick

Our trip to Walla Walla was quite lovely, but I brought sickness home with me. I think it’s a wholesome sickness. Like when my mom would say don’t eat so much candy and wear a sweater, you know, wholesome stuff. I ignored all those totally logical things. After all, I was on vacation. Now I’m phlegmy, my nose leaky and my neck hurts from too many sneezes. To make matters worse Pokie is sick, too. Nobody wants to see a sick kitty! She thew up twice yesterday and twice this morning so far. We have medicine for her, but after she’s been sick she gets really embarrassed and hides.

Poor kitty.

I have pictures from our trip to share, but the editing process is slow when I’m this delirious. Here’s a little teaser pic. It looked like a flour sifter at first, but the bottom didn’t seem conducive to that end. Then I realized there’s a little tea light candle in there. Adorable! We found this in the giant, secret thrift warehouse I’ll tell you about later.



Sickly Sunshine

One thought on “So Sick

  1. boo : ( Sorry you’re not feeling well. Travel can do that too you – in addition to the stress travel puts on the body, you get exposed to germs new to you that are existing in an area different than your normal geography, etc. Sorry for your kitty too. You might want to go to doc, and have kitty seen at vet, as well.
    Nice find on the owl lantern. I ❤ thrifting, as long as I am thrifty about it (sometimes hard to do when the deals are good, but over time I am proud to say I've learned to improve my discernment and self control).
    Hope you feel better soon : )

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