Hi! I’m Brianna, but some folks call me Sunshine. Or Bri. Bri is also good. I love designing, painting, singing, and writing and Sunshine Press is the place where it all comes together. I fill [empty] spaces with [artful] creations. Good life is what [and who] you surround yourself with, so I seek out passionate people and works of [functional] art. I’m inspired by fancy things because they’re indicative of hard work, practiced hands, and love. And I love love.

photo by Jared Wade

My husband Matt  [known here as Honeybee] and I live in Seattle with our very opinionated cat, Pokie. Together with Kevin Gibbons and sometimes Jared Wade, we make music as Super Plaid. In addition to my random musings, you can expect Sunshine Press to Meet: cool people, explore art, design, step-by-step-do-it-yourself projects and the kitchen with our menu.

Up until May 2013 Sunshine Press was ad-free. Moving forward I will accept sponsors and possibly even facilitate giveaways, but absolutely only for products or causes that are awesome. All sponsored posts will be labeled. Everything you see here is my work unless otherwise noted. Please link respectfully. If I ever mention you or your work here and you’d rather I didn’t, I will remove it immediately. Because that’s how I roll. All it takes is a quick email, no worries. I consider this blog my happy place, so please be kind.

Advertise here, email me at briannbrumfield[at]gmail[dot]com for details.

Nice to Meet: you!