Bathroom Update

Remember when we got our bathroom did?


For the most part it was as if our landlord was reading my mind. The lovely tiles with dark grey grout, the ambient blue/green wall color, oh, just about everything was wonderful.

Except this vanity he picked. I like its basic shape, but it’s topped with a beige marble limestone combo slab that matches nothing else. I balanced it out in the beginning with a tissue box and other accessories that sort of brought all the colors together, but Honeybee got sick and we used all those tissues and I don’t know. Meh.

vanity and tiles

Adding insult to injury, this vanity wasn’t so well made. Honeybee dropped a cup (an everyday regular plastic, not glass cup) in the sink and it cracked! He felt so bad about it, too. Oftentimes he’ll be just going about his business, then “hulk out” and break something. I usually make fun of him to no end. How’d that glass get broken, babe? I don’t know, I was just holding it. Hulking out! But this time I resisted. Having to explain to the landlord that we’d more than completely broken-in this bathroom he so kindly built for us sucked. We like to be good tenants. 

Turns out that this vanity is an all-in-one sort of deal. They don’t make replacement sinks that fit, so the whole thing’ll have to be replaced. [No wonder our landfills are overrun.] To the tune of $360. Ouch.

Landlord isn’t so sure, though. He took some measurements and is weighing the options of a do-it-himself sink gutting versus getting a new, probably different, vanity all together. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime here are some other things happening in there:

weird mirror

My Heart, She Hangs is a mixed media work of art by yours truly. I love its reflection and how the grey of the backing planks and the blue-green of the wall color work together. Serene. I don’t know about this mirror, though. When I clean it the weird antique-y paint stuff comes off. Oh, but isn’t she sweet?!

My Heart, She Hangs

We moved our corner shelf to the other side of the shower on account of Matt hulking out. Ahem.


And here, behold the outlandishness! Matt asked, very nicely, mind you, for a picture of cleavage for bathroom. Um, what? I don’t think so. But, like I said, he asked very nicely. He also commissioned a photo shoot, shot and edited the photo and framed it himself. Cleavage as the ultimate motivation? Clearly. Okay, fine. But then he put speakers in there for iPod plugability. Not as cute. I’m thinking of having my way with them. 

oobies and speakers

My way, of course, involving paint. 🙂

We’ll see where the bathroom goes from here. Either way, I can’t say enough about the wonders of its convenience. And, so, I call it a victory.

Hehe. Cleavage.




Are you a word freak like me? I love the feeling of having the exact perfect word to describe something. The word of the day is escritoire!

Earlier I was thinking of desks, those fancy desks, you know, with the curvy sexual dank deliciousness. You know what I speak of? I mostly only ever see them in hotels on account of their outright ornateness, but they are quite lovely.


Then I found this website.



Drool. What a fine crafting surface!


Mmph! I’m such a sucker for good wood and extra storage.




[this post was not sponsored, I just think they’re dope.]

Creating Spaces

teal living room
I’m experimenting with putting together spacial plans and designs. I love the way this teal rug fades in the middle like the inside of an old oak tree. Can’t get enough of that modern gray couch and it’s sexy, sexy texture. You can’t keep me away from a coffee table with storage and this one features an extendable top, too! Perfect if you like to have a gajillion projects going on at once. Ahem. No one here does that. Can’t forget that cutie little terrarium, either! Presumably this would go on the table, but what if it was giant and just sat on the floor?! Well, it would probably not be such a good idea if you have a curious kitty like we do, but, you know. A girl can dream.

Tom Tru

Design draws my interest for a lot of reasons and on different levels. I loved walking around the Museum of Modern Art in L.A. with its stark white walls and ornate frames and crisp gardens, yes. But I’ve also loved the inherent homeyness of a grandparent’s house with relics abound. There are intangible traces of history in artworks that help make a house a home. Take this burlap wall hanging here.


Did I ever tell you how much I love it? Matt says his grandma gave it to him when he first moved out on his own and he’s always had it up ever since. Can’t blame him. There’s a sexy mid-century modern approach to the flowers, to the colors. It’s joyous and wonderful and perfect and you know it. I wanted to learn more about it so I asked the internet.


I came up with this one which is very similar, but links to a dead Etsy sale page. It was vintage and somebody bought that little cutie.

Printed on the back is the insignia of the Tom Tru Corporation of Lambertville, New Jersey. So I asked the internet more about this Tom Tru and all I can find is either people asking about Tom Tru or people auctioning Tom Tru originals. Mystery! Intrigue! I simply must know more. Tell me more!



From the Ground Up

Remember how we were supposed to have some sort of apocalypse or something and then nothing happened? [Or am I thinking of the movie 2012?] Well, duh. I mean all end of the world type messages read as paranoid or at least outlandish, but this one in particular evoked this secondary feeling in the back of my head. This sinister, sarcastic voice lurking and a’creepin’ that said, look, if it does happen, I won’t be surprised, honey. And it’ll be just what we need. And we will rise up. Seriously. Wasn’t even worried about it. Why? Because I get the feeling that the people who survived by whatever miracle it took, if they were forced to return to the days before pre-fab plastic disposable everything, would have to make things themselves. And the moment you try to build something, the moment you appreciate everything that’s ever been built. There’s peace in building a [functional] life. From the basic building blocks of the body and soul to the things that surround us physically. I look at some of the detail work in antiques or handmade furniture around our house and I instantly appreciate the artist who built it. I wonder what they did for fun. If they listened to music while they worked or whistled or retreated into a blanket of silence. And then I get excited. Then all of a sudden there’s graph paper and measuring tape. Hey. How’d you get here, drafting supplies? Well, while you’re here. Let’s see what we can come up with.

desk sketching

So nothing happened to the world as we know it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start building things ourselves, from the ground up.



My Match

Two nights ago Honeybee and I are pajama clad and getting into bed. He says, gently, you know, instead of buying the base for your new desk we could build one. We could make shelves and stain it any color you like.

Have you ever experienced this? You’re already where you want, right beside the one you love and then all of a sudden they show and prove why they’re with you in the first place. When he’s perfect like this I kind of get a glossed over eye look [that probably isn’t the most attractive face I could make] and smile like an insane baby.

You’d want to do something like that with me?

Yeah, it would be fun. You start drawing up designs and investigating materials and we’ll get started when we have money.

Awesome fiance is awesome all  day.


So, we’re building a desk instead of getting two of these. Yay! I’ve already got the top, but it still needs sanding and painting…and a wee bit of repair since I found it in the AS IS section with a scuff on one corner.

Moving forward now that basic move-around is all done, I really want to start beautifying some of the pieces we have. [Like staining that gorgeous round antique coffee table or building a headboard for our bed] That way when we eventually flee from our current basement dwelling we’ll have all the key pieces to make some above-ground domicile incredible! Stay tuned for that. Today, from the comfort of my office, I’m pinning some ideas.