Menu: Frilly Cheese Steak

What can I say? I’m not from Philly, but I love a yummy sandwich. Here’s my take on a classic. It’s frilly on account of the shredded cheese. Eh? 

Frilly CheesesteakThings you’ll need: asiago cheese bread, boneless beef top round steak, 3 mushrooms, 1 small onion, 3 garlic cloves, sliced and shredded cheese [I like to use a combo. Sliced was medium cheddar, shredded was a mix with pepper jack.] 1 serrano pepper, 1 shallot. ingredients

The first step is to make your marinade. For that you’ll need: a sprinkle each of cumin, sage, garlic powder and basil. Then two good splashes each of worcestershire sauce, white wine vinegar and olive oil. Whisk all that in a dish large enough to hold your steak. 


I usually let the steak marinade for at least half an hour, but as much as a whole hour turning every ten minutes or so.

steak marinading

While you wait, chop your veggies.

asiago bread shrooms shallot

Heat your pan to medium high and put that marinaded steak in there. Brown on both sides. 


Once cooked, it’s important to let your steak rest so that you don’t miss out on any juicy flavor. Really important. I can’t stress it enough. See, cause legit Philly Cheesesteaks are typically slow cooked so they’re tender and juicy. We’re taking a shortcut here by using a much smaller cut of meat in order to decrease our cook time. If you cut into it without letting those juices redistribute, they’ll run right outta there and it’ll be dry. And ain’t nobody got time for that. 

steak resting

In the meantime, throw your chopped veggies in the pan. Right in those steak drippins. 

onions sauteed

Save the mushrooms for last. And while that cooks, slice your steak ever so thinly. The trick to the thinnest strips is the sharpest knife.

steak sliced

Add your mushrooms to the pan and stir to coat. Then add your steak strips. Look how pretty that is!

add sliced steak

Slice your bread if necessary and toast in the broiler. Then stack your meat and cheese. Usually after that I toast it for just two more minutes to melt the cheese, but this time around Honeybee wasn’t home yet, so I didn’t. That way when I toasted it up later it was crunchy and fresh. 

Frilly Cheesesteak

Mmm. Yeah.

Frilly Cheesesteak

Now that’s food porn if I’ve ever seen it! 

This sandwich would easily serve four and still have some steak left. What to do with leftovers? Make steak, egg and cheese muffin sandwiches. 

I know. I just blew my own mind.



Menu: Caffeine Free Not-Too-Sweet Sweet Tea


There’s basically nowhere to get legit sweet tea in the north. I’ve encountered all sorts of impostors and I refused to settle any longer.

Here’s how it’s done.

You’ll need tea bags [any combination of basic black or green, or you could get fancy with it and go for an orange pekoe], water, ice, 2/3 cup sugar [per pitcher]. One tea bag for every quart and you’ll notice I’m using the double wide.


You get yourself a good old-fashioned pot. Do not fall for the cold brew scheme. You’re going to need to boil the water.


Well, barely. When the littlest bubbles begin to leap toward the surface of the water, that’s when you remove from heat and add your tea bags. Ahem. Bags of tea.


Our buddy and frequent houseguest has Crohn’s disease, so eliminating the caffeine made this a tasty beverage we can all enjoy.


Tea doesn’t last long around here, so I make a pitcher and a carafe each time. They each hold about a quart.


Anytime you ice anything, you lose flavor. Negate the ice effect by letting your tea sit for a good, long steep. Squeeze for the full flavor.


Add ice to your pitchers. I used almost three tray’s worth. Pour 2/3 cup sugar over the ice. The sugar is easier to dissolve in the warm tea, but it changes the flavor just a bit, so if you want the full ride, go for the over the ice.


When I first moved in with Honeybee, we were doing some unpacking and came across my kitchen funnel. He scurried off with it in the other room. Where’re you taking that funnel? To put with the automotive stuff. But that’s my kitchen funnel! Why would you need a funnel in the kitchen?

This is why. It makes the pouring of the tea easier.


This pitcher happens to be the self stirring variety which is quite handy. You just use the plunger to move things around. For the carafe I shake it with the lid.


And there you have it, delicious caffeine free not-too-sweet sweet tea. At this point some folks might add a lemon. And don’t get me wrong, I love the way lemon can bring out certain flavors, but you won’t catch me putting it in mah sweet tea. I take it straight up, baby. The same goes for alternative sweeteners. I’ve tried agave nectar, brown and natural sugar to mediocre result. This is my tea. There are many others like it, but this one’s mine. Haha I’ve always wanted an excuse to say that.


Extra credit: have a cocktail. Mix in some vodka!

Your partner in thirst,