[Life List]


  • find my magic city, move there 
  • go hot air ballooning
  • visit New Zealand
  • hike Mount Rainier
  • show Honeybee Orlando/Winter Park [then escape to Key West]
  • create a Sunshiney environment for everyone I love
  • camp for a whole week
  • go spelunking
  • go surfing in Hawaii
  • ride a scooter in Paris
  • dance to Spanish guitar in Spain
  • shoot skeet
  • hang out on a Native American Reservation


  • pee standing up
  • give a momentous speech
  • learn Spanish
  • learn French


  • play drums for an all girl rock band
  • play harmonica
  • play piano
  • sing my soul to share
  • start a band

    Super Plaid @ Comet

  • Super Plaid Super Tour
  • write a solo album


  • paint a mural
  • 365 [daily] project
  • direct a music video
  • publish a [creative nonfiction] novel
  • grow an ivy, use it as a shower curtain
  • plan a garden from landscape to harvest
  • create a postcard series
  • refinish antique round table
  • do some badass graffiti
  • sew an art quilt
  • get published in an award-winning publicationimage


  • find my lovekeep him/her


  • have a kitty that loves me 
  • record both our family’s histories in a timeline format
  • create a proper scrapbook for Honeybee & Me


  • have a home that fully suits our needs [recording studio, painting studio, office, library, workshop]


  • make enough [from art] to support my family
  • become debt free
  • perfect my portfolios [web, paper scrapbook, paper glossy]
  • be the featured artist in a show
  • hang my paintings in a Seattle coffee shop/bar
Me and the Wild, Plaid Yonder @Bauhaus

Me and the Wild, Plaid Yonder @Bauhaus

  • learn to code a full on website with a store
  • start an arts collective
  • be a college graduate
  • shoot a wedding [photographically]


  • own a flowing silk robe


  • find the perfect wide-brimmed summer hat, rock it
  • have a [well organized] closet full of classics
  • wear a ball gown
  • pull off red lipstick
  • create a signature


  • have a 4-pack
  • use only all natural/environmentally friendly goods [that work]
  • jog without iPod

Just For Fun

  • learn a sexy partner dance, do it in public
  • fleur-de-lis tattoo
  • treble clef tattoo
  • host a major event
  • wear a catsuit
  • rollerskate again
  • bowl a 250 or above
  • tell a hauntingly scary ghost story
  • tell an actually funny joke 

    Thought I wouldn’t use my new eraser, turns out I kneaded it.

  • have a pig-tailed pie flinging birthday party 

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