Spring [Motha’uckin] Break

You don’t know how I’ve missed you!

I suppose I thought this quarter–the one with the classes all online, would be easy peasy–would be different than all the others. Nope. No matter what. There is a one to two week period every quarter that even the best laid plans must be brushed aside in the frenzy of finals. But the final final is finished, y’all. [Still waiting on grades, but I’m feeling pret-ty dang confident!] It’s spring break. The break of spring.

If I were in Florida right now I’d throw on a bikini to make it offiical, but I’ll just go ahead and enjoy this unexpectedly sunshiney Seattle day with a shirt. It’s sunny, but it’s windy! But there’s a million daffodils and tulips and the cherry blossoms are just starting up.

Of course when most people think “break” they probably mean chilling with cute little umbrellas in their drinks. You and I both know that’s not what I’m about. Well, I do love a good cocktail, but if my life were a bumper sticker it would read: I’d rather be DIYing, painting, breaking something or making something. Today is my planning [favorite] day wherein I’ll make the official lists of how much productivity I can squeeze in a week and what supplies I’ll need to get ahold of. Tonight me and the boys are gonna get together and jam and then tomorrow I’m high-tailing it to the hardware store. And maybe Joann’s. Ooh!

Meanwhile, at Sunshine Press, I’ve missed my own deadline for Meet: Sad panda. But I promise it’s for good reason! I had a surprise for February and then the time sort of melted and it was March! Don’t worry, there’s a Meet:ing or two on deck. They’re just awaiting their final bits and bobs and edits. Stick with me! Don’t be upset!

You want more to look forward to? Well, a certain little someone just happened to cross something off her Life List! Yeah. See? So there.

And wedding updates! And new afters! And more befores! Oh, you just wait, kids.

Meanwhile look at this birthday card I got from Mama Sunshine today! It’s sheer brilliance makes up for its tardiness easily! Like, no question. It starts as a box.

Mama Sunshine's Skills

And it’s cute all on its own. Then you open it and folds down into an incredible card with little lovenotes everywhere and pictures of me when I was [cute ass] baby!



Baby Sunshine

And in the middle is another mini box with a pearl necklace and matching earrings. My mom is a genius.








February in Photos

Where did February go?


Got ghost-faced schwasted at Molly Maguire’s with friends!

photo by Jared Wade

photo by Jared Wade

Got an amazing array of handmade cards from Mama Sunshine. She makes them by hand!

Cards by Mama Sunshine

Visited Seattle Art Museum with my art history class. We were there to study Greek statues, but I ended up visiting Rembrandt’s self-portrait and fell in love. They wouldn’t let me take pictures of it, though. I can show you this giant painting. Pondering the positioning and the play of light and shady, then a couple passes by me and the guy says, “whoa there’s a fish in her crotch.” 


I also got this shot of a beautiful produce lady. I asked if I could take her picture and she said yeah, but then thought about it and clarified, “you mean you want to take a picture of me?” Yes! “But, why?” Because you’re beautiful. She gave me a face like I was full of it, but then a guy behind me agreed. He said, “honey, you’re gorgeous,” and she broke out in the most wonderful smile.

that pike place smile

Hosted a killer jam session. Not only were the grooves just right, we all had the chance to switch instruments. The shadowy figure near Big Bird Lamp is Jared. Scott’s on drums there. Honeybee’s on guitar and Kevin’s in the right corner, killing the bass.


Another, less fun, but still fun thing I did this month was vanquishing the last bit of debt from my previous marriage. The balance on this credit card had grown to $697 [which, I know, isn’t a lot of money for credit card debt to most people but I’m an extra broke college student lady so $697 looks like $10,000 to me]. Anyway I talked them down to a settlement for $353 and paid that shit. Woot-woot! Best birthday present to myself ever. I’m working toward a goal of debt free-ness on my life list. Now all’s I’ve got is my current student loans and a good chunk to Butterfly who helped me for the first few months when we lived at the Burrow together. I’ve only just realized how much that debt’s been affecting me. For example, I went and got myself some shoes at a massively good deal. They were marked down like 60% and then they made em buy one get one free. I spent $40 and I got two pairs of comfy boots. That is a crazy good deal. It took a crazy good deal to get me to come out of my shell. I’d been wearing those  from my ghetto light box project that I got at Goodwill. They looked cute before [and still do] but the entire sole has come off and I’ve even worn down the cork underneath. The nails were sticking out and clicking on the ground, catching on carpets and leaving little cork trails wherever I went. Why did it take me so long to get some damn replacement shoes?! Cause until then I hadn’t been able to make any headway toward repayment, so I felt like a poop head all the time. I was undeserving of new shoes. So I came up with a plan and I feel much better.

I’ve also been getting things together for the wedding. There are so many little fun projects! I’ll have pictures soon!

Did you notice what I didn’t do this month? There was no Meet: article. Fail. Well, there is one, but it’s still in the editing stages. I’ll explain! Promise! Don’t be upset!

The last few weeks have been a blur, but more sunshine is in the forecast!

blurry sunshine



Happy Birthday to Me

I am 26 27 years old.

By the time I was 25 my birthday celebrations had extended into month-long festivities. What can I say, Mama Sunshine didn’t raise no fool. I work hard and I party hard. Because why do one if you don’t do the other and why not do both if you’re gonna do anything at all?

I want to do everything. I want to learn about drafting and architecture. I want to climb and jump and fly. I want to ask a million questions and bring it all back home and ponder that shit. I want to make order out of chaos.

This time last year I was thinking the same thing only in not so many words. I was still formulating the format for Meet: [the section where I probe people. Heh, probe.] I thought the best way to begin and the only real way to earn the right to interview anyone else was to share myself first. I talked about Super Plaid’s latest recordings and I alluded to paintings that I’d done [although the pictures never came out well enough to share as this was before our camera upgrade]. The post got much more praise than I expected. I didn’t expect any, actually, but people wanted to Meet: people. Even though I was excited Meet: fell by the wayside until I wised up and made it a monthly thing which is working out just swimmingly. I’ve been so very pleased to Meet: Briana, Jeri, and this month’s interview is almost ready. You just wait!

The other thing you might recall about this time last year was that the entire month of February was lacking in posts. There was exactly only one. I wasn’t out partying like a wild woman every night. I mean, I did that, too, but I’d stumbled onto something I never thought I’d find: true, true love. The goopy disgusting kind that is fully aware of its goopy-drippy-smooch-fest-i-ness and was best kept hidden. I didn’t wanna come off arrogantly. I still don’t. But honestly I was so happy that when someone put a cake in front of me, candles all  ablaze, I didn’t know what to wish for. I was sure I had it all. My very next post was to share news of  Honeybee’s proposal. In those days I couldn’t have imagined that life could possibly be better and yet here we are again at better. I love every single day more than the last. And I try my best. And I am appreciated. I am rewarded with love and hugs and well wishes from family, friends and readers.

Thank you ❤

If you were to Meet: me again, I’d have much the same to say. Super Plaid has new music to stimulate your earballs. There are new paintings coming—ones you will be able to see—and upcoming changes at the Press taking shape as we speak. There are many more adventures on the horizon and for all that it’s worth I’m all in. As I squint ahead to see just what those adventures could be, I leave you with pictures of the year of 26 in Bri.






what’s with me and crazy arms?



Sunshine’s Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday’s coming! I love birthdays. I love presents and surprises and cupcakes. Usually when it comes to filing taxes, I get it done as quickly as possible so’s I can buy myself a present [last year I Amazoned myself a sexy flat screen tv for cheap-cheap], but this year they’re holding student returns [those filing form 8863]! You should have seen my face when I first found out. I was like, no, that can’t happen to me. They can’t hold me back! So I filed anyway and lo and behold. Awaiting acceptance. Am I being oppressed?! What kind of cruelty to students is this? College students are fundamentally the butt of every broke-joke. We are the poor, lowly ones up all night studying and awake early to work crappy jobs that aren’t actually in the field we’re studying and therefore automatically suck [even if you’re lucky enough to have an easy and fun one like me]. And Ramen noodles! What I’m trying to say is, it might be hard out there for a pimp, but it’s harder for a college girl trying to come up!

Turns out every year the government does testing to make sure their systems are up to date and running properly before the tax season begins. Probably a good idea. And this year the form 8863 didn’t work as well as it should. The problem didn’t arise often, but rather than having a quarter of students deal with issues, they opted to hold back for all of us. Okay. Okay, government. Fine.


Fine! I’ll just take this time to brainstorm. I wish there was some sort of birthday drive through awesome machine where I could [borrow someone’s car and] drive through and be like, yo can I get:

This duvet cover in slate from West Elm?

What about this Plato desk lamp from Joss &  Main?

I desperately need this Independent Architect shirt dress from ModCloth.

And either this camera cause I’m curious or this camera cause I know it’s the AMAZEBALLS!

Yes, I’ll have fries with that. Yes,  I want them large. Larger. Largest. French fries forever.

Also, I might need this Insanity Workout because clearly my love fries is…ugh, sub-sane.

Yeah, could you wrap that, please?!

And then they would put all these treasures in my [borrowed] trunk for me without asking about silly things like money. Am I out of control? Maybe. It’s my birthday [week]! Don’t judge me!

What will I probably actually get myself for the big 2-7? Honestly? Whiskey. Then maybe lumber for my desk that I was supposed to have built by now. That way I could put my imaginary lamp on it. Or a sexy wood stain for an upcoming project or three. Some fixtures for another project? A kreg jig or some other tool? Mmm canvas and paint for the new series I have in mind? Yeah, that’s sounds about right. Whiskey and then something nerdy. 😀


SUNSHINE [hopped up on caffeine]

Quarter Life Crisis

Happy, happy birthday to me!

If you know your Sunshine, you know I love birthdays (‘specially mine) , presents and surprises. For the past 25 years I’ve been blessed enough to celebrate February 15th for a week or even a month and this year is  no exception. Mama Sunshine sent me a lovely bouquet, cookies, a Literati and my Aunt sent lotions and nail polish and the sweetest argyle sweater ever. Hell yeah, hell yeah! And as for me, I got myself a fire opal ring with hearts on each side of the stone and a sexy skirt from H&M to wear at dinner tonight.

But, really, if I ruled the world birthdays would be individual Mother’s Days. Sure, I was the little swimmer sperm that could, but Mama Sunshine did all the work. She carried me and when I was born with complications, watched me rolled away in a bubble and waited patiently until I could breathe on my own. And that was just the beginning! Nothing makes me more thankful than thinking of Mama’s cookin’, or when she taught me how to grow tomatoes or when she was my girl scout troop leader. Everything I needed and almost all I wanted I had because she loved me.

Alas, I do not rule the world. So I’ll have to celebrate my birthday the way society forces me to–having drinks with my friends and singing karaoke like a maniac.

But, thanks Mama.

❤ Sunshine