Early Start Monday

Oh hai, hello!

Are you ready for a new week? I guess I am. Having three perfectly sunshiny days off [work] in a row is so damn fortunate that I basically have to be ready for the week. All that rest and fun! Yup. I’m good. 🙂

April fools.

Spring break is over and a new semester begins today. Sad, sad panda. This quarter, so far, I’ve been wait-listed for two of the classes I need. Bah! And they haven’t broken us off on that financial aid, either. So, um. I guess I’m not as prepared there as I could be, but if I’ve learned anything at college it’s that it’ll work out. Just send an email and it’ll work out. Just fill out the form and it’ll work out.

I’m optimistic like it’s all terrific…cause it is.


I decided to try out a new banner photo and layout for the Press. Why? What was wrong with the Seattle pic? Nothing, except it wasn’t mine. And I couldn’t remember where it came from. I don’t ever want to misrepresent myself or the Press that way, so I picked one of the new more artistic photos I’ve taken myself. It’s taken me a while to find one I like enough, but here we are. Once I updated the banner it didn’t really match the background so I thought, hey let’s try something new and sleek. Huzzah! What thinkest thou?

You know what else is up? I’ll tell ya! Butterfly recently messaged me with a couple recipe requests. I’ve been meaning to blog our yummy Menu. We created it so that I could quickly and easily peruse it to make requests while Honeybee’s at work. I think it’ll be fun to share so my ladyfriends [looking at you Kiwi-Lauren, Rebeccando and Butterfly] can cook for themselves exactly like I would cook for them. Yay! And Honeybee has some killer recipes, too. Kil-ler.

Sneak preview: Matt’s cashew coconut curry contraption!




The Weekend After

I had a deep, dank list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. It’s was all laundry and dishes and floor plans, oh my! And then I was all, nope! What I need is a solid two days where there’s nothing I need to do. If anything gets done, well, that’s a bonus. My over exhaustion with work and school requires a full weekend of reboot, it seems, plus it’s raining like some other rainy city outside. Fat drops that penetrate parkas. Rude. So I’m in for the evening and I’m reading every archive of every design blog until my eyes get watery. Let’s get this week started right!


Happy Sunday,