My Labor of Love

Well hello there, gorgeous. How they heck are ya? I’m just kicking back here with a celebratory adult beverage enjoying the feeling of being a new Etsy shop owner! Check out my fine wares at Wrays of Sunshine Press!


Remember when I was working on this bad boy?


Well it’s all assembled and ready to hang on your wall. Yes! I know! I love how this piece came together. I think it’ll make a beautiful addition to any gallery wall or even on a mantle. See the finished work and find out all the details here.

You and I both know making a living off my artwork is the goal I’m working toward. With every happy customer I get one step closer to knocking another major goal off my Life List. This is a major step in that direction and I’m so nervous/excited to see how it turns out. I’ve learned through this experience that making dreams come true is a process requiring many baby steps. Each piece of artwork listed was first dreamt up, planned, sketched, painted (stained and/or assembled), dolled up, photographed, edited and described. It took quite a bit of work and patience, but I’m finally here!  And I’ll be adding more pieces to the collection as I go along, so be sure to check back often!

While I appreciate fine art in big galleries, I find it’s harder to bring that look home. These are pieces that are sized and priced to fit every home and every budget. My shop is called Wrays of Sunshine Press because that’s who we are and where we come from: a sunny, artistic place. I hope you enjoy!


And look, here we are in a new month! September is one of my favorites, especially in the Pacific Northwest. The weather’s been so lovely and I can’t help but smile at all the sunshine. But a new month also means there’s available spots for sponsorship! My readers love killer diy projects, design and those moments in life that demand recollection. If your blog or shop would be a good fit, contact me at wraysofsunshinepress [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, thanks for sticking with me through that bout of radio silence. I’ve been a busy little bee painting my fingers to the nubs, but it’s all worthwhile if these pieces find homes.

Happy Labor Day! Hope you’re having a restful weekend and if not that you’re laboring with love!




Tom Tru

Design draws my interest for a lot of reasons and on different levels. I loved walking around the Museum of Modern Art in L.A. with its stark white walls and ornate frames and crisp gardens, yes. But I’ve also loved the inherent homeyness of a grandparent’s house with relics abound. There are intangible traces of history in artworks that help make a house a home. Take this burlap wall hanging here.


Did I ever tell you how much I love it? Matt says his grandma gave it to him when he first moved out on his own and he’s always had it up ever since. Can’t blame him. There’s a sexy mid-century modern approach to the flowers, to the colors. It’s joyous and wonderful and perfect and you know it. I wanted to learn more about it so I asked the internet.


I came up with this one which is very similar, but links to a dead Etsy sale page. It was vintage and somebody bought that little cutie.

Printed on the back is the insignia of the Tom Tru Corporation of Lambertville, New Jersey. So I asked the internet more about this Tom Tru and all I can find is either people asking about Tom Tru or people auctioning Tom Tru originals. Mystery! Intrigue! I simply must know more. Tell me more!