Style: Layers


I noticed recently that the excitement of learning photography was giving way to a fear of being in front of the camera. Why? I don’t know! I’m irrational! Somehow all of a sudden I was hiding behind a lens like a punk. As an alternative to this completely baseless fear, I’m making an effort to slide my little tuchus on the other side. I’m hoping that, as with all things documented here, I’ll be able to look back and learn and I’ll have the occasional excuse to try a little harder. It’s really easy to ignore fashion and style when there are school deadlines, work and home life obligations taking priority. Here’s to seeing the potential for improvement in the distance and walking that way.

If you live anywhere except Florida you’re likely experiencing some winterishness. And if you know like I know, layers are the way to go.

DSC_6712 DSC_6713

tank top H&M. turtleneck thrifted. striped cardigan thrifted. skinny jeans ross. hat vain. coat coffeeshop. boots seychelles. backdrop downtown edmonds. photo jared.

Do you love huge purses like I do? I’m just saying. Need some gum? A band-aid? Notebook? Red pen? Blue pen? I GOT YOU COVERED!



Fashion is Smashin

Fall is my favorite season. It’s those shining burn-out days of summer fading into the time-to-get-cozy weather. It’s the leaves changing color and falling like some sort of dream world. It’s entirely coincidental that this season is also number one in the fashion world. It’s all about pattern, texture and lots of accessories. Count me in!

I’m not the most fashion forward gal around. I’ve generally tried to stay away from trends because timeless clothes last forever, but this past few seasons I’ve just hated everything around. Okay, not hated. Enjoyed looking at on other people. But, what with all the ironic logo shirts and neon there wasn’t much out there that really fit my style. What this means is I spent the whole summer in this pair of floral printed denim shorts I got from H&M and this outrageously spiky pair of gladiators. Just switched out the top.

Coming along this fall, though, these ten toes will be going back into the close-toed shoe part of the closet. The shorts’ll be filed under out of season. And I’ll be naked if I don’t find something soon!

This fall I’m looking for:

Fashion is Smashin

Labour of Love top

Wrap coat

Dolce Vita suede booties

Plush fleece lined hat

Black tube scarf

Killer combinations of the classic black and white. Stripes, florals, sweaters!

I naturally run hot and throughout my [upcoming] schedule I’ll be doing quite a bit of running around. This combination of factors makes layering essential. Who likes to be hot and stuffy and stuck in a huge cable knit sweater? Not I, said the little mouse. Lace is amazing because it’s so ultimately feminine and airy, but somehow provides a definite layer of warmth. I swear. Last fall I had a pair of lace tights with a mini skirt and short coat while Honeybee rocked thick jeans with shorts and big socks underneath. Guess which one of us was shivering!

I’ll need new boots both for rain and for dry cold days, a purse with enough umph to handle school stuff. And infinity scarves by the dozen. Okay, not dozen. Maybe just two.