A Package from Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar Cookies

Package Contents

Nothing makes me smile quite like fresh post. I got this package from my friends in Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar cookies. I love this band for the sweethearts in it, the killer bass lines, guitar licks, snappy drums, overall garage-y sound. And now that I’ve gotten my copy of the First Supper in the mail I can say I love their attention to detail, and graphics, too. Look at it!

Tam Tam Godless America Stationary

Stationary is adorable and frightening at the same time. Something you could only achieve with the proper amount of Magical Sugar Cookies. And the album itself is none too shabby.

The First Super on Vinyl

Jordan was sweet enough to throw in a poster for a Tam Tam show at Will’s Pub which instantly made me cry because I miss that place and those people so much. And because it’s well designed. Because I weep for good design.

Will's Pub Poster

But let’s really take a look at the cover here. We’ve got pooped rainbows, here people. I love it, I love it. And the music is well recorded and perfectly sway-able. Listen to Snail’s Pace and get your own here. You will love it.

Pooping Rainbows

Adding this album to our collection makes me feel like my treasure chest runneth over. Soon as I can get my poster framed it’ll be up on the wall as a tribute to some of the awesomeness coming out of Orlando these days. I miss you guys!




Le Sigh


How are you? Good? Yeah, me too, I guess. At this point (this two weeks till finals, three weeks till wedding point to be exact) I thought I’d be a bit more stressed out. Actually everything’s falling into place. My grades are good, respectable Bs! I’m all le sigh, though because a few friends won’t be able to make it.

I know, sad panda, but I understand. That’s what happens when you move a couple thousand miles away. They’ll all be there in spirit, and that’s all I ask for.

Meanwhile, I tell Honeybee about the most recent drop outs and he says, “I’ll be there.”

This guy. He’s gonna get it. Right to the moon.


Happy Birthday, Jeli!

This year and for the rest of my humble time on this earth I really want to let the people in my life know how much I love ’em. In previous years I’ve attributed my inability to get my loves good gifts to unemployment, having no time and, more recently, college-student-brokeness. I’m done with that. Because I’m more creative than that, daggummit! I’m dedicated to great gift-giving beginning with the lovely Jelian.

jeli and work

Jeli is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and certainly one of the funniest ladies I have the pleasure of calling best friend. I took this photo when we worked together [for what was that, a month?]. I met her at Stardust and I wooed her. I convinced her to be friends with me! Why? Because you can just look at a chick like Jeli and you want to make her smile. You can just feel her immense potential for joy. Especially since at the time she had a friend who didn’t seem to appreciate her. Eff that. Life is too short to waste with people who don’t want to live it.

So I carved a little space in her heart.

jeli hug

[The fuck is going on with my eyebrows?! Bleh!]

We’ve had some amazing times. I could name at least ten things that Jeli’s done that you wouldn’t believe. She’s the sort of being who can take a piece of string and make an adventure. So, here’s to you, beautiful! When I started your painting it was going to be an outer space glimpse at a distant galaxy. I started it and there it sat, unfinished for several months. The next time I approached the canvas there came the dark blue waves. Barely discernible against the black until they’re juxtaposed against the purple. This is a noteworthy relationship these colors have going on. They make each other stronger. Better. The way an amazing friend [Jeli] can improve one’s [my] disposition. And then–across the middle–a mist arose, an amorphous yet specific haze that serves to represent those things that linger on our horizons.  In our future, I see us drinking sweet tea vodkas with big, fabulous sun hats. I also see tan cabana boys dancing for us. And many, many smiles.

Happy Birthday, Jeli!


Sunshine 🔆