Moving Right Along

Well I think I’m doing alright. Well, as alright as can be. School starts Monday. Here’s my updated winter break to do list:

  • clean smokeware
  • figure drawing session
  • super special Christmas surprise!!!
  • new planner crossover
  • 2013 rough plan
  • wedding considerations (update, pre-measurements, invitations)
  • Studio (floor plan, brainstorm, paint, desk, room divider, set up)
  • work out
  • infinite cuddles
  • read a book purely for pleasure (suggestions?)
  • trip to Walla Walla
  • get camera cleaned, get battery for remote control
  • Meet:Jeri

If you’re ever looking for a semi-inexpensive date for you and your boo, I suggest a figure drawing session. I say semi-inexpensive because I already had an 18×26 sketch book and charcoals in many sizes [but charcoal is not expensive and you can get smaller sketch books cheaper]. I set up two heaters and drew nude Honeybee in charcoal and pastel. It was my first time working with pastels [I got them for Christmas from Granma Jo, thank you!] and I loved it, although they’re not quite as easy to manipulate as charcoal on newsprint…unless your hands are warm.

figure drawing session date

honeybee’s chest

As for the rearrange, everything’s coming along nicely!

Plan for the bedroom:


Actual bedroom:






So, okay, it still needs some work. Moving everything around forced me to realize just how uneven our space is. Look at how crooked those DVDs look! But we ended up keeping the coffee table. That’s a victory. The room still feels spacious and we have all that extra storage. Score. We win.

Now the other room didn’t get the love the bedroom did. I didn’t draw up a bunch of little graph paper squares. I didn’t think it would do much good because everything in there is a square.And pretty much everything has to stay where it is. So here’s where my desk will be!

Room dividing curtains:


There’s a water heater back there. And, you know, I like the industrial look, but, um, something had to be done.


I decided on curtains instead of a hinged-wood room divider. They were cheap and pretty damn easy to put up. Should I shorten them? Probably. But that’s not what’s happening today.

I had to invent this chain out of extra IKEA pieces to keep it from slouching around the duct. Whatever it takes.


Ignore that dust.

The two things I won’t have time/money for [painting and the desk] are okay for now. I found a table top in the AS IS section at IKEA that’s the same size that I wanted for half price except it’s the blonde wood. I’m just not into blondes. So I’m gonna sand this bad boy and paint it black. Then I’ll finally decide on legs and get those to match. Yay! And in the meantime, if I happen to do some homework in bed it won’t be the worst thing that ever happened to my back because we’re now against the wall. Hooray! I can lean! Gangsta lean!

As for reading a book purely for pleasure before the next semester starts—not gonna happen. Unless you count Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. What can I say, it brings me pleasure. I’ll get the camera cleaned in the coming weeks. And, well, I hope we get to Meet: Jeri soon!

Now then, off to do!




Before and Before-Before

Something like three months ago Landlord decided Honeybee and I should have our own bathroom. [We share a three-story 1920s era house with a couple and a bachelor. Our space includes our bedroom plus the room adjacent which functions as Super Plaid‘s practice space, recording studio, everyone’s washer/dryer, and my art studio. It’s a pretty good-sized room.] Up until then we’d used the bathroom on the main floor right along with  the roommate(s) who lived up there. There’s another restroom on the top floor, exclusively for the couple. So there ended up being three or four of us sharing the restroom. For Honeybee and me, the trip was out the room, up the stairs, through the kitchen and down the hall. Do you know how disappointing it was to get there and find it occupied? Very. Not that it happens often, but you know. I came here to pee. It’s not like I’m gonna go all the way back downstairs without peeing. So, here I am standing around in the hall. Naturally, when we heard the news about this bathroom, which is to include a shower [squee, double squee], we were excited! Honeybee more so than me, I think. He pees a lot. The rent went up a little bit, but the bathroom was coming in a month!

Like I said, that was three months ago. You can’t blame the guy, though, he’s doing us favor, after all. He’s no slumlord, he’s not weird or mean or anything like that. Actually, Landlord is an engineer with a passion for this house, since it used to be his and he lives across the street. He’s doing everything by hand. Magnificently, might I add. Just slowly. So [goddamn] slowly! And the construction has taken over our lounge space [we’d only just finished painting] and my workspace. This means I’ve been typing blogs, drawing, writing essays and graphing linear functions on the bed, my back slowly contorting, rebelling with aches and pains. Horrible can’t-yoga-myself-out-of-it-pains. Over the past two months I’ve basically built up a 500mg tolerance for ibuprofen. Omg. What’s kept me going is as Landlord’s brought in all the accoutrements [toilet, vanity cabinet, subway tiles and the like], I’ve fallen in love. He’s made wonderful choices in light fixtures as well. Ooh! I can’t wait!

Once it’s finished, I’ve decided to revamp the [rest of the] space to make everything as functional as possible. After all, this room is where all our passions come to play. Out with the lounge and in with…something different. I don’t know, we’ll have to see it before we can name it. [Important things to consider include the fact that it’s a basement…that floods when it rains for an entire season…like it does in Seattle.]

Usually when things are finally at the after stage I’m hyped to take a million photos, but not so much in the before, but since this upcoming after begins a new before, I thought it was important to get he before-before and the after-before with the upcoming before-after to follow. Confused? Worry not. Check out these photos!

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I love a project! Stay tooned!