What is Love?


If your answer is baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more I’m laughing at you.Which is to say that I’m laughing at us. Because we’re clearly hip. Did you see when I did that Pokie post? Well, down in the comments section MKJ said:

I first read this as “(do you) you know what is love? Comments from awesome people.” and I started thinking about the definition of love, had my statement fairly clarified – and then realized it was “you know what I love?” not ” you know what is love?”. You do know some pretty awesome people, maybe you should pose this question and see how many interesting answers you get.

She’s right, I do know awesome people. So, what’s your definition? I imagine real love to be sort of like potion in Harry Potter that causes strong infatuation and every person who sniffs it, smells the things they love. It’s different for everyone. “For example I smell freshly mown grass, new parchment and spearmint toothpaste.” If love was a smell for me it’d be Honeybee’s cologne Voyage mixed with his natural mansmell, plus chocolate with almonds and burning candle smell. But wait, let’s back up here. We can’t just approach this thing from one of five senses. What is it then? How do you define love? Contrary to popular Facebook, you can’t just say it’s complicated and keep stepping. C’mon. What is love?

Holla back.



Me? Well, first of all my love is big. It’s a series of relationships all with the same person. While there is a tight string between our bodies pulling us toward physical embrace, there is also a simultaneous trust to accept one another’s honest truth. My love  involves and includes the wonder of exploring this planet together and in so doing accepting of both the joy and despair of the human condition. It’s an all-inclusive package. It’s the thing I’m most proud of that I can offer and I have some squared away just for you.

Yes, you.


Licensed to Wed


These are our shock faces after realizing how easy it is to get married in Washington.

We’re now in the two week range until the big day! My dress is on the way. (Although I’ve yet to pick shoes.) Most of our thank you gifts are even ready to go! Unfortunately in order to move forward briskly with wedding plans while maintaining good grades, working, exercising and taking just enough time to chill I’ve been much less active here.

Sorry loves!

I thought surely I would be able to edit the yummy Menu photos in my camera, but nay. That was wishful thinking! You know I’m a dreamer.

So let’s call it what it is! Hiatus! I’m taking a break to massacre these finals next week and, the following week, pursue my biggest project to date: Happily ever after!

Don’t be upset, though! When I get back I’ll tell you alllllllll about it! Including sharing some wedding budget tips!


Miss soon-to-be Mrs Sunshine

LOVE WINS Painted Window Project

Alright y’all! By some sort of miracle I got all my work and chores done early this week which was perfect for a weekend of diy! I made this!


You may recall the list of projects that I’m aiming to accomplish in time for our wedding I mentioned a few weeks ago. The big day’s coming up quickly! June 15th. No? Here’s a refresher:

  • handmade garlands see them in all their glory here
  • a fancy fascinator.
  • Menu: Sunshine’s Sweet Almonds aka BRI’S NUTS
  • photo vignette

Moving right along, actually, the process was fairly straightforward. But it was definitely time-consuming. I started with this window that I found literally right across the street. It even already has string attached to both sides, so it’ll be easy to hang when the time comes.


It looked pretty gnarly to begin with. Look at it up close. Disgusting, no?! I used a scrub brush, a broom and a sponge on this thing!


I didn’t really know what I was in for in terms of cleaning this window. Luckily I don’t naturally look at clocks so I have no idea how long it took.

After the initial dusting, the next step was cleaning the panes with glass cleaner. Then taping them off completely, front and back. Meticulously.

first pane is a pain

It’s important to get the absolute crispest edge you can while working around what is probably years of caked on paint.

paint caked grossness

One thing I love about do it yourself projects, no matter how simple, is that you get better the more you do. See the difference between these two? The more panes I covered, the more streamlined the process became and soon after I barely needed my razor for perfect edges.


By the end I was hella profesh. After everything’s taped off I took a paint scraper and released as much of the chipping paint as possible. On a perfect day I probably would have done some sanding, too, but since the point is to be rustic, I let it be.

back and front

Next I primed and painted them a soft white. Nothing says wedding like white and since the goal is to hang this bad boy in a tree for people to take photos in front of, I had to do both sides. As the project stretched on into evening, I moved it inside and finished the paint-dry-paint-dry-paint process.


As usual, my indoors projects are overseen by princess Pokie on her high pillow of authority.


I pulled up a good font and traced my letters on plain white paper. Easy. I taped each sheet on the opposite side of the appropriate pane and then painted my letters loosely based on them. For the paint itself, I mixed a medium bodied flat white with a soft-bodied iridescent white [both from Utrecht] which makes for a milky effect that stands out just a bit when compared to the soft white outer lining.


This allowed me to achieve the handmade-but-still-well-made look I was going for. Voila!


See?! Who says you need to spend a bunch of money on props and decoration for a wedding? Not I, said the Sunshine.


Yay! Love wins, indeed!


New Photography!

An update! I’ve still been having fun with my camera. Here are a few new shots. I feel like I’m getting better in terms of composition for artistic photos, but the ones for my recent projects were a bit blurry. Like this one and this one. More to work on, yes, but peep this progress.

flowers at the front door

These are growing right outside our front door. Just hanging out being lovely. All by themselves. They’re white already, but I thought b/w was appropriate to draw out the contrasting shadows. Cause I’m hella profesh.

pinboard at lighthouse coffee

Another black and white. I stopped in at Lighthouse and couldn’t help snapping a picture of their bulletin board. I love when they get used by the community and I love how the symbols of each business card the catch the eye. Sexy!

sway lights

Okay, this is where it gets artistic. I couldn’t resist playing up the blues in the background. It looks like the inside of an Edison bulb got loose in Greenwood. The washy tree silhouettes make my soul take a deep breath.


I call this one Pulse. I reminds me of the zoomed-in images of music when Honeybee is editing. Of course the twelve-year-old boy version of me would say huh, looks like a sun sperm.


Oh, the subtle wash. The looping ribbons of red. I can’t help but love this one, too. I call it Blaze. I’ve been practicing with form and composition, yes, but this one was definitely an accident. I saw that my shutter speed wasn’t what I wanted after I’d already snapped. Realizing my error, I went for the artistic light show. I had no idea it would move me. This feels like something that could only happen with traditional cameras, but it came to life via DSLR. Cool.


I made a heart! But I made it upside down. Switching the orientation made the skyline appear to be a reflection. That’s deep, yo.


Home, get it, it’s where the heart is. Eh? Corny? Shut up.

And finally, because I know you missed her, Pokie:

pokie mama

My darling kitty. She’s so damn cute. Right now, she’s in a similar position, but totally passed out. I swear, I put on the Simpsons and it’s nap time in kittyland.

Well, there you have it, y’all. Am I working it? Would you buy a print of any of these?



Meet: Matt

Did you think I forgot?! I could never! I would never. No, see, this is why we have deadlines at Sunshine Press. Else I would get nothing done. I originally intended  for us to Meet: Matt in February since it’s the month of love and whatnot, but it was also the month of my birthday and a whole heap of schoolwork. That didn’t work out.

When I started this blog back in 2009 I didn’t know where this adventure would take me [still don’t], I was just committed to documenting it here [still am]. So, actually, you were the first to know when I met Matt, now known as Honeybee. Do you remember? I’d seen him a few times, but things clicked when he came out from behind his checkstand and hugged me when my friend died. I don’t necessarily consider it love at first sight, but I do recall that when I first saw him, I distinctly wanted to talk to him. And when I finally worked up the courage talked to him I simply had to know everything about him. He’s addictive that way. But how weird is it to formally introduce someone to your blog-life? Is that even a thing? Let’s make it a thing.

It’s a thing now. And this tardiness allowed for the proper celebration of his birthday, St. Patrick’s Day [which is also the anniversary of his proposal]. I’ll admit, another reason this Meet: is late is for the simple fact that I underestimated being so close with my interviewee. Matt’s an all-in sort of guy so as I asked him questions he’d be looking ahead at the next question. I’m all like, hey, mind yo business!

Ultimately it was a very worthwhile challenge. Why? Because there’s more to Matt than dreamy boyish good-looks. And it seems that he’s in it for the long haul. This guy wants to marry me, blog and all, y’all. So, everyone, Meet: Matt.

meet: matt

State your name for the record please. 

My name is Matthew Tyler Wray. I was born March 17, 1977 in Walla Walla, Washington. [See what I’m saying?! Who says that? Tell me you wouldn’t have a follow up question?!]

Do you know why you were chosen as this month’s Meeting? 

I suppose I’d have to say no. Because I’m an interesting person? Maybe.

Aside from the nature of our personal relationship, we’ve worked together for three years now making music, yes, but we’ve also collaborated on paintings as well as other projects and I want you to know that terms of professionalism and work-ethic, you’re  someone I look up to. 

Can I touch my interviewer?

You can touch me. Later. Where did you get your amazing work ethic from? 

It’s been a bit of an evolution, but my dad has always been a hard worker. And my grandma. And you never want to disappoint people you love, so you imitate those you respect most. 

Where did you study?

I went to Shoreline Community College for digital audio engineering. Before that I attended Walla Walla Community College for pottery. 

For pottery?

For pottery.

Tell me about some of your pieces. What were your specialties? 

Bowls, plates and vases. What’s left around the house are the pick of the litter. I would love to do more pottery and sculpture. 


So at this point just now what are you itching to produce?

Besides music? I have my bag of tricks. I’m working on traditional Native masks.

You’re working on a traditional Native American mask? You make those? 

I did make one and I attempted to make another but the wood was bad. I want to create art across all media. 

Agreed. Let’s! In the meantime, tell me about your day job.

I work in a grocery store in Fremont, Seattle.

He works at Marketime. And it’s locally famous.

Yeah it’s a nice place. I enjoy working there. It’s definitely a day job, but I enjoy the people I work with.

I think everyone enjoys you working there. You were in the I Saw You section of the Stranger as Marketime Matt by an admirer who called you dreamy! And I know you thought that was me, but that was not me. 

I looked at every customer for while wondering who it could be. It’s a complete mystery. But it doesn’t really matter, there’s only one person in my line who gets checked out two ways. 😉

This interviewer will not ask who that person is but I’m sure she is lucky and gorgeous.

Yes, she is. Gorgeous, I mean.

[See? This is what I’m talking about. Focus! Bah!]

What does creative mean to you?

Making order out of chaos. Be it something you look at or something you hear, you’re taking that chaos and focusing it into something different that everybody can appreciate. 

What is your pattern, or trademark that makes Matt-sculpture versus Matt-music versus anything else you would create? What is the thing that makes it yours?

I just have my way of looking at the world and it translates into everything I do. I’ve just finished one big project [Super Plaid’s second album End of Dazeand I’m feeling out what’s next. It’s a process. 

You’ve been at it a while, right? How many albums have you put together so far? 

Officially ten. And there’s a whole slew of unofficial mixes. 

Honeybee editing

Matt Editing

Then there’s at least a series worth of paintings I’ve seen you create. 

Yup, but music is my favorite. Standout hits are: It’s a Chupacabra Christmas, Jericho, Lando System, and the G. I. Joe Theme Song. But it’s a mood thing, too. At this point I have a category for every mood. Or a mood for every category. 

Who are your top influences? 

The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Medeski, Martin & Wood, and Beck. 

my own personal guitar hero

What would you do if you were at a table with all those guys?

Spontaneously combust. I’ve never met a celebrity before [outside of work]. Do you just avoid asking them questions about their fame? Just talk to them like a friend? I don’t know. What do you do?

Well, that’s the thing. Actually that’s one of the reasons I invented Meet: because I feel like my friends are famous people. They’re, like, famous people that people don’t know about yet. I always wanna hang out because we’re friends. But then I also wanna be like, so what’s inspring you right you now? What are you thinking about? 

So, what inspires you?


You’ve mentioned before that creating music for you is a means of creating a legacy, why is it so important? 

It’s not really important to have a legacy of music or even to have a legacy. But, I suppose I’d prefer to be remembered, not forgotten. Like a forget-me-not. Perhaps down the line my great great great nieces and nephews will hear my music and maybe it’ll change their life. 

in his natural environment

If there’s one thing  you’d like the world to know about you, it would be?

I’m rich, bitch. Um…nah. 

Well, I suppose I’m out of questions.

Does that mean it’s dinner time?

Yes. Feed meeeee!

Well, there you have it folks. You’ve officially met him. He’s uncommonly kind and clean. He’s a hard worker and dreamboat. What can I say, he’s my kind of guy. He doesn’t get to hang out as often as he’d like due to crappy mid-shifts at the Market, but he’s always down for a jam. He can play almost any instrument [guitar, mandolin, cello, bass, drums, piano, lap harp, clarinet, tenor banjo, harmonica, penny whistle, glockenspiel, and the dryer to name a few] and he’s got great hair. Eh?

at cello


[Ladies this one’s taken, but he’s got a single brother. Wha-WHAT!]



Love Day <3

And don’t give me any of that Hallmark holiday bullshit. Valentine’s Day as we know it may have been previously misrepresented. You may have been off-put by the weird naked winged baby with the assault weapon. I know I was. Perhaps you’ve been victim of those dry, chalky candies with the little sayings on them? Maybe you dated someone who used Valentine’s day to make up for 364 days of assholery. Listen, that’s not Valentine’s Day’s fault!

Valentine’s as it should be is not a reason to buy stupid cards. It’s not the day that makes or breaks your relationship. If it does, then your relationship wasn’t real. And I’m sorry. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be creative and offer a little something extra to that person who makes you smile, not lets buy a diamond day. No matter what’s behind that smile, it’s worth celebrating. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an opportunity to be creative for my boo.

So this year I made my Honeybee a box card! Here’s the front. See how all the other hearts are tiny and lame and his is ginormous? It’s like that in real life, too. 🙂



Inside he’ll find an award for Best Lover. I found this little guy at the office in the free supplies section. I guess some old employee of the month left him behind. I gave him a coat of gold paint and new, only slightly crooked lettering.


There’s also a playlist I made called Sweet Disposition and Other Reasons I Love You with an accompanying poem.

Tell me you wouldn’t wanna come home to that?

As for my presents, Honeybee wrapped them and I’ve been instructed not to touch them until later. I’m entirely consumed with the desire to rip open their perfect wrapping paper. One little tear. I just wanna see! Ahem. Yeah. Let’s see how this patience thing works out.

Happy Love Day!


I’m With Stupid, A Poem

I’m With Stupid

I was of the opinion
Anyone wearing an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt
Is really the stupid one logically;
Is probably in a relationship with an equally matched partner
Probably wouldn’t think that proudly proclaiming their choosing of a daft lover screams
“I’m stupid and I have a t-shirt to prove it!”

But is there more to it?
Could the Stupids have a language of their own understanding woven into the seams of their stupid shirts?

I’m not sure anymore since I fell in love with a lonely island of a man
His heart is a secret weapon hidden in fine sand
He’s my Mr. Blue Sky
The one I cling, fling, sing to
When the world seems more mean
Than it probably means to imply

What would I put on a shirt for you, Honeybee, “I’m with home,” “I’m with true,” I’m with the guy who makes grey skies blue?”
A vague sketch of the castles we built?
All the music we’ve made, adventures we’ve had?
What adjective is good enough to epitomize that way you have of doing everything you do?
How many shirts would I go through?
How small would the print have to be to fit thoughtful, neat, charming and sweet, giving, attentive, inventive, discreet, random, handsome, master of courtesy, patience and quality parenthetically?
Can’t forget goofy, crazy, giggle-fit funny.
Anything less would wouldn’t be the whole truth.

To be wearing a shirt bearing I’m with stupid with the arrow pointed right at you isn’t something I ever wanted to do, but every time I see one I think of you

I think of what it might be like to have one in my dresser, folded ever so neatly
And when asked if I’ve ever been in love I can blurt,
“Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.”

Mr. Blue Sky

My Mr. Blue Sky