Not for Nothing

PokieOh hi, hello! How are you?

For the most part you could say my weekend of rest worked out. It wasn’t a 100% success, though, because life has a tendency to get in the way. For example, Saturday afternoon my cell phone decided to stop sending messages. It would say the message was sent, but then two seconds later I would receive a text from my provider noting that it wasn’t sent and that I needed to pay my bill. In my cold medicine delirium, I almost paid it except I was pretty sure I already had. Checked with my bank and it turns out I had. So I lost an hour to the technical support gods, but I did get my phone fixed and all from the comfort of my bed so I’m still considering it restful.

Methinks that right there is the big lesson. Resting is not the same thing as sitting around doing nothing as I thought. Other things I did included a few dishes, and really slow, meditative yoga. Nothing complicated, just sun salutations and tree poses for balance. I pulled all my attention toward doing every slowly with a full inhale and exhale between every move. I gave my myself massages and even wrapped up my knee which has bothering me lately.

The movie line-up Saturday was Amelie, Kung Fu Hustle, Death Proof and Iron Man, all movies that are silly and make me feel stronger one way or another by the end.

Unfortunately I got my Honeybee sick, too. He had Sunday off, so we planned a whole day of rest together. After Saturday I was a rest guru and since I was beginning to feel a little better, I had to opportunity to take care of my love a bit. We stayed in our jammies, slurped smoothies and watched Star Wars and Harry Potter.

There were several moments where an idea would spring to mind. Or something I’d been meaning to do resurfaced in my mind. Where I’d usually scramble to record it, I let them pass. Being young and lucky I haven’t had a great deal of personal health problems, but that doesn’t mean taking the time to rest isn’t important. Allowing oneself the time to heal is easily overlooked but it’s of the utmost importance. It’s not for nothing. That was my mantra this weekend.

That said, my alarm somehow turned itself down low so I couldn’t hear it. I over-rested! Waking up in a panic on Monday morning is never fun, but I was able to hit the ground running thanks to all the rest I got. Not at 100% yet, but I’m working on it. You know who is back at 100%, though? Princess Pokie. Two doses of medicine and she’s practically a kitten again.


How was your weekend? Did you get lots done? Tell me all about it.




The Weekend After

I had a deep, dank list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. It’s was all laundry and dishes and floor plans, oh my! And then I was all, nope! What I need is a solid two days where there’s nothing I need to do. If anything gets done, well, that’s a bonus. My over exhaustion with work and school requires a full weekend of reboot, it seems, plus it’s raining like some other rainy city outside. Fat drops that penetrate parkas. Rude. So I’m in for the evening and I’m reading every archive of every design blog until my eyes get watery. Let’s get this week started right!


Happy Sunday,