DIY Paper Garlands

This week left me feeling all sorts of random and raw. Just happy to have it done. But now that all the work is done [a midterm, homework and work-work] and there’s nothing but sunshine and, well, I FEEL EFFIN GREAT!

Isn’t it awesome how sunshine can do that? I think so. This weekend I’ll be working on Mother’s Day projects and birthday presents for my mom [same day as mother’s day], but that doesn’t mean I won’t share what I worked on last weekend. Check it. Paper garlands.

Paper Garlands

Aren’t they lovely? Just cute as a button! Here’s how I done it!

Gather supplies: Pritt Stick [always reminds me of the Kate Nash song, Mariella, “she got some Pritt Stick and she glued her lips togethah…”], hemp string, magazine to clip, fine point sharpie, scissors, a razor and two sheets of plastic or cardboard to make your templates.


You can make garlands out of any shape, but I went for small triangles, big triangles and circles to keep it simple. Since these are for our upcoming wedding, I used bridal magazines and catalogues I had left over. They have bunches of flowers and great color schemes built right in. Make your templates using something easy to trace around. For the circles and smaller triangles I used a thin sheet of plastic [originally the back of a report cover]. For the bigger triangles I used a sheet of cardboard I found lying around.

Trace, cut, repeat. [For four hours or until the kitty gets tired of playing the hemp string and clippings and falls asleep, whichever]


Once you’ve got your shapes, move on to assembly.

When you initially unwrap your string, it’s not gonna lay flat. I played with it by twisting it around until it seemed calm to avoid a willy nilly finished product. That step isn’t necessary if willy nilly is the look you’re going for.

Lay your triangle face down and give the edge a rub with your glue stick. For the circles I folded them in half and creased them down so the center would be easy to find.


Lay the string over top then fold over gently using a rocking motion.


Slide and push so that you get a good fit.


Then put just a bit more glue on the tips and fold them over so you have a snug little hole for the string to fit through. Then just keep doing that until you run out of something. Ha! Tie loops at the ends so they’ll be easy to hang later. I love making things easy.

For some I did all circles or all triangles but my favorites are the combination ones where I alternated little triangle, circle, little triangle, big triangle, little triangle, circle, little triangle, etc.


Suggestion: make a movie marathon of it and craft with friends. I watched Harry Potter for these, but a Jeff Goldblum marathon would’ve been good!

This isn’t their final destination, but I had to string these bad boys up in the gorgeous sunshine of my backyard so you could see!


DSC_4476 DSC_4469 DSC_4487

Happy crafting!



Life List Update: Published!


Get published in an award-winning magazine.

Another one bites the dust, y’all! Last semester I took Mass Media Communication wherein we were asked to write media journals. One entry had us explain every bit of our media intake for a full day. Another was spending a day without any mass media. I got those done lickety-split. But, then, my professor gave us the hardest part:

Be a part of the media. Write an opinion article.

And that’s it. So open. So seemingly easy, right? Negative. I had such a hard time. What do I even care enough about to write about with any sort of validity that someone would actually want to read? I procrastinated for almost a full week [which is a lot for an overachiever like myself]!

I finally got something down that fit the bill. I turned it in and hoped for a good grade for the assignment. It caught me off guard when my professor wrote me almost immediately. “I like your opinion.” My opinion?! What! She asked if I would mind editing it down a bit for extra credit points. [Overachiever says, wha] Wha? I had two points shy of a perfect score in this class. I had to go for it.

Once the edits were done I turned it in and was happy as a clam. What I didn’t know was my professor turned my article in the Ebb Tide, Shoreline’s newspaper. Those guys are ranked Top Literary Magazine in 2009 and 2010. And they liked my opinion, too! You can find me in Volume 48 Issue 9.

Seeing it in print, actually holding it in hand the first time was such a great feeling, but you can find it here online, too.

So, I’m all excited about this and I call Mama Sunshine and d’you know what she said?

What, are you surprised? I’m not.

Thanks, Ma


Sunshine, contributing writer

***Keep up with all my goals over at Life List

Oh Good, Friday :-)

All of a sudden it’s sunshine and rainbows outside. It’s so hard to resist the temptation to just soak up the sun like a lizard. But, you know, somehow I have. *wiggle-butt happy dance* I’ve Value Villaged, Good Willed, and Fred Meyered already.

What to do next? I think it’s time to soak up some sun. Yes.

space needly



Happy Birthday to Me

I am 26 27 years old.

By the time I was 25 my birthday celebrations had extended into month-long festivities. What can I say, Mama Sunshine didn’t raise no fool. I work hard and I party hard. Because why do one if you don’t do the other and why not do both if you’re gonna do anything at all?

I want to do everything. I want to learn about drafting and architecture. I want to climb and jump and fly. I want to ask a million questions and bring it all back home and ponder that shit. I want to make order out of chaos.

This time last year I was thinking the same thing only in not so many words. I was still formulating the format for Meet: [the section where I probe people. Heh, probe.] I thought the best way to begin and the only real way to earn the right to interview anyone else was to share myself first. I talked about Super Plaid’s latest recordings and I alluded to paintings that I’d done [although the pictures never came out well enough to share as this was before our camera upgrade]. The post got much more praise than I expected. I didn’t expect any, actually, but people wanted to Meet: people. Even though I was excited Meet: fell by the wayside until I wised up and made it a monthly thing which is working out just swimmingly. I’ve been so very pleased to Meet: Briana, Jeri, and this month’s interview is almost ready. You just wait!

The other thing you might recall about this time last year was that the entire month of February was lacking in posts. There was exactly only one. I wasn’t out partying like a wild woman every night. I mean, I did that, too, but I’d stumbled onto something I never thought I’d find: true, true love. The goopy disgusting kind that is fully aware of its goopy-drippy-smooch-fest-i-ness and was best kept hidden. I didn’t wanna come off arrogantly. I still don’t. But honestly I was so happy that when someone put a cake in front of me, candles all  ablaze, I didn’t know what to wish for. I was sure I had it all. My very next post was to share news of  Honeybee’s proposal. In those days I couldn’t have imagined that life could possibly be better and yet here we are again at better. I love every single day more than the last. And I try my best. And I am appreciated. I am rewarded with love and hugs and well wishes from family, friends and readers.

Thank you ❤

If you were to Meet: me again, I’d have much the same to say. Super Plaid has new music to stimulate your earballs. There are new paintings coming—ones you will be able to see—and upcoming changes at the Press taking shape as we speak. There are many more adventures on the horizon and for all that it’s worth I’m all in. As I squint ahead to see just what those adventures could be, I leave you with pictures of the year of 26 in Bri.






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