Life List Update: Published!


Get published in an award-winning magazine.

Another one bites the dust, y’all! Last semester I took Mass Media Communication wherein we were asked to write media journals. One entry had us explain every bit of our media intake for a full day. Another was spending a day without any mass media. I got those done lickety-split. But, then, my professor gave us the hardest part:

Be a part of the media. Write an opinion article.

And that’s it. So open. So seemingly easy, right? Negative. I had such a hard time. What do I even care enough about to write about with any sort of validity that someone would actually want to read? I procrastinated for almost a full week [which is a lot for an overachiever like myself]!

I finally got something down that fit the bill. I turned it in and hoped for a good grade for the assignment. It caught me off guard when my professor wrote me almost immediately. “I like your opinion.” My opinion?! What! She asked if I would mind editing it down a bit for extra credit points. [Overachiever says, wha] Wha? I had two points shy of a perfect score in this class. I had to go for it.

Once the edits were done I turned it in and was happy as a clam. What I didn’t know was my professor turned my article in the Ebb Tide, Shoreline’s newspaper. Those guys are ranked Top Literary Magazine in 2009 and 2010. And they liked my opinion, too! You can find me in Volume 48 Issue 9.

Seeing it in print, actually holding it in hand the first time was such a great feeling, but you can find it here online, too.

So, I’m all excited about this and I call Mama Sunshine and d’you know what she said?

What, are you surprised? I’m not.

Thanks, Ma


Sunshine, contributing writer

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Structure & Purpose

Oh hai!  Wonderful to see you. How’s Monday treating you?

Me–I’m good, solid good. I’ve spent the majority of my time, lately, with my nose applied directly to the grindstone. This weekend I spent 6 hours carving, 4 drawing, 2 cleaning and at least 4 attending to assorted math and art history assignments. [I also went jogging for the first time since I overtaxed myself after hurting my foot.] Busy-busy! Another thing I’ve been doing is making payments on my new camera. Remember when I got upgraded? Well, I couldn’t afford it all at once so I made $50 payments until I paid the balance. Well, I have a disconnect when it comes to numbers. Somehow they slip away from my mind and I never feel sure when asked to recall them. My slippery brain remembered that it was payment time, but didn’t think to remember whether or not I’d finished. Turns out, I was! I am! I officially own my camera. Sunshine Press made an investment in [her very own] interests, in possibility, in the future. I don’t know about you, but I’m [fucking] thrilled.

I’ve been thinking a lot about structure, spacial and personal, as of late. See, I have a tendency to wander. There’s absolutely always a part of me that will give chase. That will, at very least, make a note of where the exits are. If you pick up what I’m putting down. What I mean is: I have always been one to tell you my wildest truth but not my name OR admit myself and edit accordingly. It is a dangerous thing, the internet. Anyone in the whole wide interworld can see. It’s a choice and I choose to write here  because the structure, the purpose of Sunshine Press is to be a real outlet, a sample, resume, a portfolio, a photomontage and a journal entry all at the same time.

You put your whole heart out there and anything can happen.

No matter how flaky I ever get, I always come back to the Press. Over the years [from DiaryLand, to LiveJournal, to Allpoetry, to MySpace to Facebook to WordPress, no matter what, I come back here to talk it out. And, so, I really appreciate my readership. Thanks for all the comments, the likes, the loves.

I aim to move forward with purpose. Coming up next, you can expect more regulars [Meet:!, Nuptials!] as well as new treats [Portfolio! Playlist!] with greater consistency. I’ve also been pondering things like advertising and other directions the Press can grow. Can’t wait!


❤ Sunshine