A Package from Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar Cookies

Package Contents

Nothing makes me smile quite like fresh post. I got this package from my friends in Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar cookies. I love this band for the sweethearts in it, the killer bass lines, guitar licks, snappy drums, overall garage-y sound. And now that I’ve gotten my copy of the First Supper in the mail I can say I love their attention to detail, and graphics, too. Look at it!

Tam Tam Godless America Stationary

Stationary is adorable and frightening at the same time. Something you could only achieve with the proper amount of Magical Sugar Cookies. And the album itself is none too shabby.

The First Super on Vinyl

Jordan was sweet enough to throw in a poster for a Tam Tam show at Will’s Pub which instantly made me cry because I miss that place and those people so much. And because it’s well designed. Because I weep for good design.

Will's Pub Poster

But let’s really take a look at the cover here. We’ve got pooped rainbows, here people. I love it, I love it. And the music is well recorded and perfectly sway-able. Listen to Snail’s Pace and get your own here. You will love it.

Pooping Rainbows

Adding this album to our collection makes me feel like my treasure chest runneth over. Soon as I can get my poster framed it’ll be up on the wall as a tribute to some of the awesomeness coming out of Orlando these days. I miss you guys!



From Here to Walla Walla

Downtown Seattle has so many charms. I love the blue trees residing at Westlake Plaza and for Christmas, Macy’s lit up the corner. It snowed exactly one day, which was awesome.

downtown ferris wheel

We spent Christmas 2013 in Walla Walla visiting with Honeybee’s family and as usual we had an absolute blast. This time, as opposed to our last trip’s white knuckle driving experience, the journey itself was quite marvelous. And we were baffled and befuddled with brilliant view after brilliant friggin view.

landscape mountain pass mountain view tree silhouette frozen forest green old growth in the clouds covered bridge viewpoint

The Wrays and Shays get together at Uncle Ron’s farm. Look at all his awards for horseback riding.

uncle ron's awards uncle ron's grandma jo and brandon Grandma Jo Papa Shawn

It’s not Christmas unless Grandma Jo and Papa Shawn are playing music for us. What I didn’t know was the neighbors across the street have llama. LLAMA!


Everything was frosty as we made our way home. We had to pull over and admire it up close.

Frost Frozen Cattails Vinyard Fields of Wine Frozen Paradise Pocket Fog Rolling Hills

And last but definitely not least, Jared with his camera and monster lens. Did I mention I love taking pictures of photographers with their cameras?

Jared and His Camera

Thanks for letting me share our journey out east. We’re looking forward to much more travel and adventure in 2014! Can’t wait!

Lights & Sights

Hey! My amazing photographer friend, Jared of Jared Wade Photography let me borrow a lens. Just so you know how professional of a photographer I am, it has two turny knobs where my old lens only has one. Hah! No, but for real. At 18mm-70mm, it has a wider range. Here’s the product of a few hours familiarizing. It’s incredible! There’s the view inside my house from outside the kitchen window, the wispy bright curtains in the living room and Jared on the deck.

kitchen window curtains JARED

Being excited to take pictures sometimes makes you go where you wouldn’t have. That particular evening, it somehow got me to pull over when I saw a FREE TODAY sign at the Woodland Park Zoo. They’ve had their lights up for a couple weeks now and from the street there’s this mellow glow. And you can’t beat free, right? Turns out only the parking was free. That’s it. Didn’t stop me from getting some quick pics before my fingers were so cold they burned. The entryway changed colors and I love the way those old growth branches hang low in the light.

haunted branch 1 haunted branch 2 haunted branch 3 haunted branch4 WHAT KIND OF PLANT IS THIS? WOODLAND PARK ARCHWAY WOODLAND PARK

Then, I literally ran back to the car. That’s how cold it was. Too cold.

We’ve yet to decorate for the holidays, have you?!